Science and Nutrition Symposium, p. 3

–1/3 of products were contaminated.
–Gingko, 110 of 25 adulterated, 8 of 25 had actives added.

I often ask people if they would go to Walmart for their liver transplant. (Bruce)

Tea tree oil—the vast majority of the standards (the bench mark for testing) are contaminated. Even so, 28 of 104 failed to meet the standards.

There were over 20,000 Emergency Department visits due to energy drinks. The rate of visits doubled between 2007 and 2011. There were potential interactions with multiple ingredients.

Dr. Shaklee stated that “Health is the opposite of disease. Why not do everything within your power to build health?”

Do you want a sick care system or one that is going to help you build your health?

Shaklee ingredient sourcing is available at
Details about why they use an ingredient are also there.

There is a new impressive weight loss study just published. It will be available soon, call me and I will get it for you.
Fish oil and eye health research is coming soon, as is Landmark 2, Shaklee Blood Pressure and Athletes, and a new VIVIX clinical. Take your VIVIX!!

Try this: cut out four circles. Label separately one as Weight Control, one each as Diet, Exercise, and Supplements. Put them together so they all overlap a little. The overlap should be in the center of the four circles. This represents the sweet spot of health; the Four Pillars of Health, the four legs of a stool, table or chair. Without one, the structure is rickety. So are our bodies. One bad day can lead to many bad days. You can’t have an amanita mushroom one day, or every once in a while, without very negative consequences. So why do we think that we can get away with poor food choices, whether at one meal, in place of a meal, skipping a meal, every meal, or every day? It’s not working. I’m guilty. In spite of my humoring the situation, ice cream doesn’t meet the RDA or the four food group concept. The flesh is weak, but it can become strong. A 10 with our foods and a 10 with our supplement, and the other two circles, gives us one fantastic multiplier effect. Our cells and genes will be so thankful. It’s good for your PV too.

We have some new smoothie recipes too.

Let’s take our health to the next level!

What if there are three products that could give you:
Vibrant health
Longer and Healthier life
More energy all day long
Achievement of an ideal body weight…and more
Would you be willing to take these yourself and tell others about them?
They are:

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