Science and Nutrition Symposium takeaways, p.4

The Vitalizer Strip
Life Shake

Vivix turns down cholesterol, it makes your mitochondria younger and more active (mitochondria are the engines of your cells).
Life Shake increases lean muscle mass and allows you to lose fat weight. A seeming paradox is that you cannot lose weight until and unless your body is healthy.
Vitalizer is the fuse for the dynamite mentioned above. Take it with meals. If your breakfast is light, take it with lunch and supper.

Shaklee Health Print is free for all. Do it yourself and periodically. Send the link to everyone you know, talk to them first however. This five minute quiz illustrates your Health Span. Health Span leads to Life Span. Just do it.

“Your future will be exactly what you choose to make it”.—Dr. Shaklee

My association with Shaklee spans 40 years. I have known many of the scientists and researchers over this time, Drs. Scala, Jim Whittam, Chris Jensen, now Dr. Daggy and Dr. McManus. Les Wong has been there for a long time and we still communicate.

The people mentioned above, with others, and I have shared much time together and communicated often. We would share a meal or a walk and talk, ask each other questions, share ideas and resources. Always there was the research. This type of association is very rare, but not with Shaklee. It is awesome, and an example of their greatness.

I have talked to many people from other companies. I asked “Please share your peer reviewed research papers on your products”—nothing. To one VP of a big international company, me, “what research do you have on your multi vitamin/mineral product?” VP, “well actually we viewed it as just a multi and have no research.” (i.e., not worthy of research, even for safety or efficacy). Would you use this company’s multi as a prenatal for your daughter? …

Or, would you, without hesitation, share Shaklee?!!

How about the gummies labeled as Prenatal? It has no iron, a very important nutrient for a mom making extra units of blood for her fetus. This product has none of many other essential nutrients for a pregnancy, BUT, it is labeled Prenatal and doctors recommend it.

My suggestion, share Shaklee.

If you were out hiking with other people, you all were hot and thirsty, and you came upon a stagnant pool of muddy, mucky water—would you share that. Or, would you share your bottle of Shaklee Best Water with Performance mixed in it?

All I can suggest, for the good of society, your heart and soul, Share Shaklee. As Kay Ferguson used to say “this won’t do any harm, and it may just do some good.” Respectfully and thankful for this time with exceptional people, Your scribe, Bruce Homstead, MS, RDN, LDN, AFMCP. Take your VIVIX!! 413.527.7524,

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