Thank You for Confirming Your Subscription to Gluten Free Food

We look forward to sharing great Gluten Free Food tips and information.

3 Responses to Thank You for Confirming Your Subscription to Gluten Free Food

  1. Dear Bruce, It was very nice meeting with you yesterday. I red your info and found that your mission is great and reflects my mission. I am looking forward working together to educate more people in healthy eating and life styles.
    I complete my registration for 29th. workshop, thank you for invitation.
    Come for fresh Kangen Water any time, please or I can bring you tomorrow after 3-4 pm
    Love and Blessings, Sincerely, Alya

  2. melissa tefft says:

    Eating gluten free for almost 10 years, glad you are around. Your support meeting time conflicts with a meeting a have already but will try to make it sometime. I am still looking for a great gf scone recipe that is solid and not too sweet. Any ideas?
    Take Care, Melissa

    • admin says:

      Hi Melissa, we use a recipe from Carol Fenster’s early book, modified to remove tapioca. Coconut flour adds a bit of sweetness and flavor, plus some much needed fiber. The scones are great with blueberries, raisins or currants. My favorite is with the blueberries-cultivated or wild. Wild bake better but both are great. I like them with butter when they are warm. A cup of breakfast tea in the am, or a cup of Darjeeling in the afternoon and a scone. Delightful. Brings back memories of our motorcycle honeymoon on Nova Scotia where scones were homemade and offered everywhere. Ducati’s and scones and blueberries for the picking by the roadside and a beautiful bride…Apologies for taking so long to answer, I am new at this. email me at if you would like the recipe. Bruce

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