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This was an amazing gathering. We shared personal and lecture time with three esteemed scientists, seven Master Coordinators, several other health care practitioners, and 200 attendees. These are all people whose lives are given to making a contribution, a difference. This is a group to pay attention to. So, here are the notes from the speakers, with a few editorial comments thrown in by me, the humble dietitian, always hungry for new information.

“We are focusing on disease care. Eighty percent of our healthcare dollars are spent on preventable diseases.” Therefore, why are we not eating “right”, healthfully, clean, etc.
1. Unhealthy food choices are everywhere, accessible, quick and easy to choose. They are immediately satisfying, especially with their sugar and salt content (would we eat these items if they didn’t have salt or sugar? Probably not.)

2. Even healthy foods are not as good as they used to be.
–farm raised salmon has ½ the EPA/DHA that it had five years ago…
–protein, calcium, potassium, iron, vitamins B and C, in fruits and vegetables, have been decreasing for decades.
–plants are being bred for packaging and survival in transport, drought resistance, pest resistance, etc. They are not bred for nutrition.

3. We are less active so we need fewer calories. This lower caloric intake still has to provide all of our nutrients.

4. The food supply is contaminated. Lead and mercury are ubiquitous. Some things organic still may
have high levels of lead and other contaminants. This can be found in teas, potting soils, fruits and vegetables, etc.

This may not be all the negative possibilities, but will suffice. The net results:

A. Obesity.
B. Nutrients of concern are in low supply. We are missing the RDA for adequate need. The RDA is
already a low benchmark.
C. We have excessive toxins inside us—our Toxic Load (see:, National Geographics Oct 2006).
The average baby born in the U.S. has 200 chemicals in its cord blood, and up to 287. These are not natural, and this is a relatively new phenomenon. Flame retardants are high on the list. Does
anyone fly a lot? Think of the ensuing health problems from all this.

Products from the U.S. are the largest threat to the EU for adulteration (more than China or India).
There has been a six fold increase in seven years. 75 of 93 products tested had added active ingredients.

What can we do? :

1. Know our risks, from all areas.
2. Eat a healthful diet.
3. Daily exercise, including anaerobic 2-3 times a week.
4. Supplement wisely. Shaklee supplements are tested gluten-free 0 to 3 ppm gluten!!

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