Celiac and Gluten Free Procrastinators Xmas Present Ideas Here

Hi, if you have not shopped for Christmas presents or have run out of ideas, let me tell you about four books that are great reads and are of great interest. The first is The Gluten Free Edge by Bronski P and McLean Jory M. The Experiment. NY. 2012. This book is for athletes and non athletes. The emphasis and personal profiles are on the benefits to athletes going gluten free. Exercise for the highly competitive person affects the immune system. One can induce gluten sensitivity, if one does not already have it. Gluten metabolism also requires more energy, leaving less for the workout. The description of how modern wheat has been modified is a wake up call. Melissa McLean Jory also blogs on Gluten-Free for Good. Both authors are super.

Next is: Davis, W. Wheat Belly. Wheat Belly. Rodale. NY. 2011. This is written by a very enlightened MD. Dr. Davis has 1000’s of patients gluten free, with positive results such as weight loss, alleviation of metabolic syndrome (inflammation of many body systems is quieted or eliminated) and Type 2 diabetes symptoms, as well as many other symptoms, conditions, autoimmune disorders. There are over 300 known gluten induced diseases. It is very useful to be aware and on the prevention side rather than trying to fix it after it is broken. Sometimes you can’t fix it. An excellent read that has been around for awhile, receiving rave reviews.

Two cookbooks, always favorites at Holiday times. The Gluten Free Bible. Publications International. NY. 2010. Not new obviously. Gives a background of the issues as well as many recipes that you will want to make. I got this for Xmas last year and immediately went through it and marked a bunch of mouth watering recipes. The very notable thing about this book is that it is on sale at Barnes and Noble for $9.95. Buy a bunch and give them out to all your friends. We are all gluten intolerant, most just don’t know it yet. and…last but not least is Beth Hillson’s cook book, Gluten Free Makeovers. This has over 175 recipes, from comfort foods (family favorites) to gourmet. (I would say gourmand) Beth is the founder of Gluten Free Pantry, now a Glutino mark. The quality and flavor of her mixes are legend. I have met and talked with her several times. I would endorse anything she does. If you are not aware I am a former chef (started in a 300 seat restaurant) and baker and have cooked in Canada, Norway, Sweden, the U.S. Army(we won’t talk about that) and managed restaurants, institutional food services for a career. path.

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